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Belt Buckles

Started by backman, April 05, 2015, 04:35:49 PM

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I recently missed a silver buckle on EBay which featured St George finding the dragon.It had a similar appearance to the St George's badges and I just wondered if this was yet another hospital which also issued a buckle? The lovely Royal Masonic Hospital buckle in the albums is another and I believe there was also a Middlesex/UCH one too?


Hi Peter,

Yes, the Royal Masonic buckle is something else again isn't it? If you ever get one for sale put me down (colloquial expression!) for the first - please give me first refusal.

I wonder, thinking about a further article - just how many buckles we can discover?



theres a D/N one on at the moment I have an United Birmingham hospital one Isn't there a great ormond st one as well?


I have a Great Ormond Street buckle & the Glsgow Pelican.


This isn't a complete list, they exist as follows: R.A.M.C., R.C.A.M.C., R.A.A.M.C., R.Naval nurses, Q.A.R.A.N.C., Moorfields, District Nurses X 2 variants, Westminister Hospital X 2 variants, Dental Nurses, St. Helier,
R.V.H. Belfast, Royal Masonic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London Hospital, a fretted belt buckle with R.A.M.C. (V) collar badges & a suede belt for a Naval Nurse (W.W.1).

Sarah Rogers

HI, do you have a picture of the LH one Barry please? We were not alowed to wear them- only ITU and ? midwifes wore belts.... thanks Sarah

Just added one to your last post on the topic here Sarah. W
Click photo to enlarge/reduce


Just looked on line for picture of Royal Masonic Hosp buckle (sadly I don't have a buckle) but I do have glorious brochure from its 1946ish build. Terrible on line argument concerning rights and wrongs of not just purchasing but WEARING other hospitals buckles/ badges. I am at fault cause V occasionally when I am finding vain I wear one to work that's not mine. I always regarded it as honouring the memory and history of those who have gone before us, as I do the accumulation and interest in Nursing Memorobilia, but some people are vehemently opposed. For instance I sold Poppies this Armistice and I took a VAD badge with me because I felt it was an ok, if sentimental thing to do. Opinions any one else?


Hi Caroline.

I am not sure whether you have the Royal Masonic buckle photograph (there is one in the gallery) but just in case I have placed one below.

Clicking the picture enlarges the image. Clicking the enlarged reverts it to original size - but then you probably know that!


Ps. No I don't think you actions vain - and my brother-in-law spends many hours every year selling poppies for the British Legion - a very worthy cause.


St Georges Hospital London issued a silver buckle (just like the one recently sold on Ebay) to nurses who trained there and staffed at the hospital for one year after qualifying. Hope this help Peter.


Many thanks for that info, it did look rather nice.Perhaps next time!


That is a lovely buckle :)


Hi Sue
Could you do a photo of the United B'ham buckle please? As you know I'm a QE nurse so very interested.
Best wishes, Rosemary


hi  - it's already on If you go to gallery and type united birmingham into search it should come up Its really nice and i probably paid over the odds but just had to have as I've never seen one before.

Hi Sue. Trust that you will forgive the intrusion - I added the United Birmingham Hospital buckle here too for you. W

Click image to enlarge/reduce size.

Sarah Rogers

HI thanks- is that not a UCH belt buckle above-? will go into galleries also..thanks S


It is indeed a Sarah - UCH belt buckle -  requested by Barry.  Can we perhaps get a closer 'fit' (excuse the pun!).  Is there a specific one for 'The' London?


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