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Wanted, Lost and Found...

Started by wilfb, February 22, 2008, 02:43:17 PM

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Because we have received several requests to assist in finding replacements for lost training school badges, to say nothing contacting old colleages, it seemed time for a new board where members could post their notices. Non-members must seek webmaster approval/assistance -

Please be aware - we cannot verify that reponses to notices are genuine. Or, in reality, who a respondent really is. You should never provide anyone with your personal details, cash or valuables in any shape or form.

And always ask anyone attempting to find you to register with the forum. Never agree to meet anyone you may contact here - this forum is just that - somewhere that people can meet, talk, chat and exchange information about the history of nursing.

We reserve the right to refuse or take down notices at our discretion.



Steve Hayes (not a member) sent this request to us this morning:-


Please could you help me to track down a London Whittington Hospital badge........ I married a wonderful young lady who qualified as a RGN there in the 1980's and I know from our conversations re the hospital that she has always regretted losing her enamel badge issued to her when she graduated/passed the RGN training...

So to cut a long story short ...please help me to track down a badge...(cash payment) so that I can help make our wedding anniversary a special one.

Many thanks 
Steve Hayes
(Traditional marriage!!!...Police Officer married to a Nurse)

Any replies will be passed directly to Steve.


From Gregg Barr in Australia...

"...I am looking for a Leicester Royal Infirmary nurses badge"

Cheers Gregg.

Any offers or information can be posted here (by members) or via myself (by anyone).

(Gregg has recently sent us some badge photographas and information for use on the main site - and will be joining the forum).


hi - is ita Charles Frear school of nursing badge that you're after? If so there's one for sale on ebay - 16020996580


hi only me again - there's a new listing today on ebay for a LRI nurse league badge - 200203014836 if this is the one that you mentioned
rgds sue


Hello Sue no sorry, this is a very unique badge. quite large (I guess it looks more like a medal than a badge) but thanks for taking the time to undertake some research for us. I have seen the LRI Nurses League badge in the past, it is very different to the infirmary badge. Every good wish from Oz G & I  :)


hi no problem. Do you have a photo of the badge? I did my ACLS course at LRI and can't ever remember seeing this badge but that was about 15+ years ago...........


Hi Sue
Not sue what an ACLS is. Is that some sort of post basic RN course? I am waiting to hear from someone else re permission to use their badge B4 sending it through. when I do I will gladly send this to the site.
Thanks to you over there. We are about to have 34C days again so the temp is about to climb.


Am after any Irish Hospital / Nursing badges and have number of mainland UK hospital badges (80), which will gave you choice from any of them for any Irish that I still need.
Contact me directly if you can help at all.



For Gregg Barr - Australia,

Is this the badge you seek Gregg:-


Link expired - Message left in to maintain thread.


Hello Wilf
Sorry it has been so long in what appears to be responding. Still having problems accessing from this end and then finding my way around once in.
No all badges listed are not the badge. The badge speaking loosely looks somewhat like the medal style of Charing Cross Hospital with the long ribbon effect. The badge proper is a circular style that hangs from the ribbon. We are attempting to gain a copy of a photo of the badge.
Cheers and thanks for your help you guys



CONTACT wanted: If anyone out there knows the present whereabouts of Peter Broadhurst - who qualified RMN in 1965 at Parkside Hospital, Macclesfield, Cheshire - taking his Oral/Practical in Manchester - please contact me,

Alternatively if you are able - pass this message to Peter - I have some unclaimed, possibly forgotten property belonging to him. Note: Anyone seeking to claim will need to be able to identify the property and the name of the person to whom it was given for safekeeping in 1965 to secure it's release.


  Er, it wasn't large amounts of blue five pound notes in bundles which I misplaced at around that time? You would be able to tell they are mine as they all have a picture of her majesty wearing a crown on them.

Thanks (in anticipation )



No, sorry Peter...

Nice try - though - you have been reported to the moderator....

But back to another Peter (Broadhurst) - anyone know what has happened to him?


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