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War Diaries...
« on: February 27, 2012, 10:16:35 AM »
From Dick Robinson....

Apologies for this round-robin email but, in case you haven’t already spotted it, the First World War diaries of my great aunt, Edith Appleton, are about to be published. This message is sent to a large number of people who have been in touch with me over the past four years, mostly through Edie’s Visitors Book on her website:

Publication date is Thursday 1 March and it will be available as:

·         a hardback:, and

·         an ebook:

·         It should be available as a paperback next year.

You can of course get the book discounted from Amazon and others.

If you live anywhere near Moreton-in-the-Marsh in Gloucestershire please come and say hello at the Cotswold Bookstore in Moreton on the morning of Saturday 17 March. More information here:

If you live outside the UK you should find information about the book on your local version of the Simon & Schuster website.

There are likely to be some events connected with the book later in the year but, for now, just one date is confirmed: a free lunchtime presentation at the National Army Museum in London by me and an actress friend who will be reading extracts from the diaries. At present this is scheduled for Thursday 6 September and here’s the page where it will be listed later:

It has been a fantastic journey getting the original handwritten diaries first onto a website, then as broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 and now as a book.

Some time in the next week I shall begin to ‘tweet’ from @ediesdiaries (it’s the publisher’s idea, not mine!) so, if you are into Twitter, feel free to re-tweet to spread the word.  If anyone is in touch with WW1 forums or similar I would, of course, be very happy for you to let them know as well!

With best wishes and I hope you enjoy the book.  

Dick Robinson
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