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January 2014
(Vol 8 Issue 1) 

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Welcome to our Thirty-first news page here at Schools of Nursing. Our fist edition for 2014. We do, of course, wish everyone a happy and prosperous, if somewhat belated, New year.

Nurse Histories - Ongoing...
Our next history - Anthony (Tony) Sisson - special and still progressing. Publication is currently delayed. Apologies.

And yet two more
new articles from Sarah Rogers. Both histories of QAIMNS nursing sisters and their badges - the first, Ada Maria Blake - 1885 - 1978: and the second Sister Dorothy Elizabeth Jordan - 1886 -1960: The London Hospital..

Both are very nicely illustrated and well worth a read. Sarah is now progressing through an external course at the University of Dundee. It is laudable that she is continuing her now regular and much valued contributions to SoN. Undoubtedly a shining star! More articles follow....

Ms Barbara Tyler - St Thomas Hospital - Scrapbook Part 5.
The fifth part of the scrapbook collection of Ms Barbara Tyler - "Assistant Matron-in-Charge at St. Thomas' Hydestile (Godalming, Surrey), when the hospital was moved out of London during the Blitz of 1941". We owe our thanks to  - Gina O - who kindly gave us permission to use her photographs. And also to Keith Haikes, an American nurse who is the current owner of the book and who has provided further photographs.

Ms Barbara Tyler Assistant Matron St Thomas Hospital Hydestle London

The scrapbook photographs are presented exactly as we received them - the icons above are linked to our own pages in a pseudo-reproduction - leaving a little room for us to perhaps eventually fill in the detail that the nurse creating the original, Ms Tyler, did not need since the scrapbook - and the memories it contains, was for her own use. As with any scrapbook, some of the photographs may well be meaningful only to Ms Tyler, but some are of recognizable, sometimes public figures. All are part of Barbara Tyler's story and are of historic importance as the scrapbook of a past Assistant Matron at St Thomas's Hospital. Especially this one! A glimpse of history. A treasure... PART 5 is here.

Email messages - Training Transcripts - Qualified Nurses.
In our experience it has not been possible for nurses seeking transcripts from schools which no longer exist to obtain copies. However, we can offer a couple of links which may help in your search:- 

Member Photograph Galleries.
Still accumulating, albeit now more slowly. The 'National' galleries now contain 3989 nursing/hospital badge photographs encompassing all areas of the UK; 522 photographs (buildings/people/ephemera); and 195 photographs of nurse uniforms, both civilian and military. Will we achieve 4000 by the end of 2014? It is possible, we continue to make solid progress and will perhaps achieve the largest collection in the UK if we are not already there....

National Galleries
 Member Uploads

Photographic rights
Whipps Cross Hospital SRN badge Whipps Cross Hospital SRN badge

We are already at 3989 - 4000 seems a definite possibility. We are well on the way and just maybe, we will see another magic number very shortly, thanks to our many contributors. We can now claim to have a mini photographic museum here at schoolsofnursing. Sincere, heartfelt, thanks...

But the photographs are not our be all/end all. Our online articles (19) are gaining too, to say nothing of our nursing histories and news pages. There is a very large amount of research involved. Someone's time. Someone's money. All given selflessly without thought of gain. What we have here are the seeds of success.

But please, don't break copyrights when uploading/sending photographs. If you are ever uncertain please ask. Most copyright holders we have met so far have been only to keen to assist.

And if you want to join - welcome to the Forum and Member Galleries - Register Here.

Please be aware, our site is rated on Google by Norton Internet Security as being absolutely safe. We intend to keep it that way. You can help by using a reasonable ID and your own genuine email address. Anything that appears dubious may result in failed registration. Our site is free to users. It is hosted by the largest ISP in Europe at commercial rates - with highly professional back-up. Safe and secure!

Certainly our visitors are wide ranging - from 44 countries worldwide... Australia & New Zealand and Canada are well represented in addition to the UK and USA. There are also some more esoteric sounding countries - China; Russia; Cayman Islands; Japan; Malaysia; plus Romania and Spain.

E-Mail Contact - 'contact' link (here and throughout the site) arrives directly on the webmaster's desk. Use it to communicate directly with the site. All mail is considered confidential unless the contents are stated to be otherwise. Stated to be for public consumption by you. Publication itself is an editorial decision.
Collecting... Not really miscellaneous - More a mixed treasure trove!...
This is where I must reveal what I really wanted for Christmas 2013 - plus one or two other badges I was able to acquire because of the generosity of Father Christmas. But I stayed true to cause wherever possible (and xmas was tempting for me) and purchased only badges which fell into my area of collecting.  I did purchase two badges which were un-named - a Lincoln school of nursing silver (I don't know of an issued silver from Lincoln) and  London Hospital commemorative, which was probably not intended for a particular recipient. More about both below. But first my major prize - A London Hospital Masonic Lodge founders medal from 1901 (nearly 113 years ago)......

Stunning! Issued! Absolutely gorgeous! Absolute magic! Plus ribbon, badges and bars. 

All images copyright SOISJACK 2013

Maker. J. Bladon, London. 1901. Solid silver. 28gms. Phil, at silvermakersmarks, was once again able to elaborate. He said - "This is the mark of Joseph Bladon who first registered this mark in 1876 from his premises in Clerkenwell. The hallmark here is London 1901. Joseph Bladon retired in 1894 and the business continued as Bladon & Humphries and finally Bladon & Co, until the 1950s".  Immaculate intricate scroll work surrounding a very fine enamel centre piece. The enamel centre piece carries a picture of perhaps a Samaritan (female - a nurse perhaps) offering a helping hand to a fallen person - either ill or injured, with two stretcher-bearers and a building in the background representing perhaps The London Hospital.... There are many questions - later we will try to answer them - meanwhile, superb isn't it?

My next item is directly related, and again very old (91 years) - a 1923 St Bartholomew's Hospital 800 Year Commemorative badge. Described as 'silver coloured' it does appear to be genuine silver. 38mm high x 22mm wide, quite ornate with the Barts' logo in an oval centre surrounded by the name and date - '1123' St Bartholomew's Hospital 1923' around the ceramic centre. Very nice I think.....

All images copyright  'blubberlover' ebay 2013

Makers: Toye & Co, London.  Another I had not come across before, but I have now!

My final 'purchase' for the festive season will probably surprise no one who is aware of my penchant for Lincoln (UK) items....

All images copyright 'thecollectique' 2013

Hallmarked 16gms of solid silver. Having once been a member of teaching staff at this hospital I had several of these badges in my (professional) possession - but had never known one awarded or possessed one myself before. Once again I am able to say 'But I have now!'

Unforunately, the Hallmarks although the hallmarks seem to read S&D perhaps a Glasow manufacturer - dated perhaps in the early 60's (a guesstimate) - I have so far failed to identify the hallmark. There is no badge maker mark outside the hallmark. Pity the actual name of the badge manufacturer does not appear. Non-hallmarked chromium plated versions of the badge were manufactured & stamped by The London Badge and Button Company....

At the end of the day I couldn't just walk away with such superb gifts for myself. Although not quite conscience-stricken, I bought a very nice QARANC 'Friendship' badge as a gift for my brother-in-law - he collects 'Military' - but I have been working for a couple of years now to convert him to 'Nursing Military' - a worthy cause methinks.....

Imagine, that it was Christmas day every day. And  you were given five superb badges every day! Eighteen hundred and twenty five superb badges. But like Midas, you found that when you touched one, every set became a boiled egg! But then you didn't know that until you had touched one.... Forgive yourself - you never would! Egg sandwiches anyone?.......

Another photograph from the past - this one
from 1933

St James Hospital, London.

*Training Hospitals/Details *Not Available.        

Back Row   1. Sister X   2. Matron Todd   3.   4.     5.     6.     7.     8. Griffiths..                        Green - Possible name.
Back Middle Row      9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Smith. 18. 19. 20. Hawes. 20. Day.      Red - impossible to name

Front Middle Row  21. O'Hare. 22. 23. 24. 25. Famley. 26. Powell.  27.
Front Row   28. Campbell.  29. 30. 31. 31.
                                                                                                              Photo Gallery Name Help Sought  Click Here.

'Guessing Games'? Guessing the correct badge and as many correct names as possible. Names above... At Least we know that the Matron was Miss Todd!   Well, that is yet another very pleasant note upon which to end the 31st Schools of Nursing Site News.

Would you like to see your PTS or training group featured here? We desperately need more photographs to feature. Can you help?  If so please Contact us.

We express our grateful appreciation to those people who have contributed the original photographs
used to produce the News Pages.

1. News heading photo (all dates) - John Reeves
2. Bristol Southmead Gold (April) - John Reeves
3. St Bartholomew's Gold (April) - Ruth Watkin-Jones
4. Haygarth Silver (April) - 'ukhistory' (ebay)
5. Newcastle LS (April) - Peter Backman (Nursing badges)
6. RRC Medal (April)  photo's- 'Caulgisbo' (ebay)
8. 'catandfrog' (July) - (ebay).
9. bokojnr (Dec) - (ebay).
10. blue.bottle (Dec) - (ebay).
11. 'backman' - (ebay).*
12. Hotminicooper (Jun) - (ebay).
13. Right-one50 (Oct - (ebay).
14. jcollinsmedals (Dec - (ebay).
15. Brittania Medals (Dec 2009).
16. elaine3080 (Feb 2010) - (ebay).
17. Fran Biley (Feb 2010) - schoolsofnursing.
18. St Andrews Children's Hospice - Grimsby.
19.themedalcentre - (ebay).
 20. Christmas 1923 - Eric Wilkinson, schoolsofnursing.
21. past-modern - (ebay).
22. susie1156 - (ebay).
23. redsunshine525 - (ebay).
24. nbarton8 - (ebay).
25. magpieantics - (ebay)
26. rayofhope0 - (ebay).
27. Anotheluckb - (ebay).
28. Helen M Coan.
29. yazandlaz - (ebay).
30. delroyb - (ebay).
31. Burmeseblue - (ebay).
32. amersham417 - (ebay).
33.Bethesda - (ebay).
34. nikkibarnard - (ebay).
35. madeinireland - ebay.
36. jamesmcg - (ebay).
37. pugwash - schoolsofnursing.
38. Sarah Rogers - schoolsofnursing.
39. Phil -
40. Bill, schoolsofnursing.
alastaircox - (ebay).
42. Margaret Maxwell - (ebay).
43. soisjack - (ebay).
44. blubberlover - (ebay).
45. the collectique - (ebay).

All Copyrights are Asserted

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