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Resuscition required

Started by backman, October 07, 2023, 09:09:02 AM

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Hello all,
As previous attempts to reinvigorate the site and forum have rather fallen on deaf ears perhaps we need to try again. The amount of time and effort put in my Will in setting up and maintaining this site should not be underestimated but it requires all of our participation to keep it running.So how about it?
Possible ideas are My favourite 10 badges/ top ten Wanted badges/ the state of badge collecting in the UK/the future of nurse education ? Or indeed anything you choose. We can also suggest what we want to see ? Over to you.


Thank you so much peter, much appreciated, by myself at least.

You will have noticed, I know our recent holiday, and of course missing presence!

I am uncertain as to the future of the site, but can assure you that I will not take it down as long as people visit, and of course I keep track of the numbers, which are still OK. We still need contributions of course, and I have one in prep. Nurse Histories are on hold right now. Hopefully that will change shortly - an illness in the family has precluded until recently.  Out Tech support is always there, as is our ISP so there will be no dramatic crash, but yes, contributions are currently lacking.  Maybe that will change....

And yes, there has been a terrific amount of work involved by many people. Somehow we have always made it through to the other side.  I will say that your own support is paramount, please don't stop!

I have placed this response in the public domain in the hope that it will stimulate some debate at least. Lets see what transpires.

Best, Will.


hi wilf I still love this site not as active as i should be but hubby's illness as impacted on my free time plus the fact I am now having to get used to windows 11 ( my last computer died!) Am still in the process of transfering my photos from my external hard drive to my new machine.
 I still recommend this site to people who are interested in keeping our history alive I have just recommended it to a buyer on ebay
Once I've cracked this machine I'll get posting again
please don't close it as i really love this site x


Hi Sue.

You presence is always greatly appreciated - never fear!

We have a final rendezvous tomorrow and then we are hopefully free.

Watch this space. Plus I will message privately as soon as I am able.  We are still gaining members - thanks muchly..



thanks wilf - i'd be lost with out you x


I have put several posts on the FB group promoting this site & will continue to do so.  It's a fantastic resource & as you know I keep uploading my badges and this site makes it easier for me to view my badges as they get stored on re photographed.  Please keep up the great work.

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