Author Topic: the good old days??  (Read 349 times)


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Re: the good old days??
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2017, 07:58:12 AM »
I just about managed to overcome my rule about not reading anything from the Daily Fail but I gave it a try.This yet again rehashes the argument that we can somehow turn back the clock to sunnier days when Britannia ruled the waves,Bobbies on the beat greeted you with an "Evening All" and Nurses wore frilly hats and smiled a lot. Whilst I agree with the sentiment that Nursing was indeed very different in the 1970s,so were our patients.I was lucky in that I was nursing a lot of the Pre NHS generation who were grateful for what they got because they remembered the alternative.Many treatments were relatively basic and ,lets face it ,we probably killed off quite a few with well intentioned interventions,but people rarely complained.How different to todays consumer driven services where we all expect to live to 103 without any adverse consequences of our lifestyles and they blame the NHS for not providing Five star service in a three star funded service!
I am very glad that I nursed when I did and strongly believe that each generation of Nurses should be proud of the nature and history of their roles.Would I recommend Nursing as a career to a young person today,probably not ? Will I be grateful for the care and compassion shown to me and mine as a health Consumer in years to come,undoubtedly.

This article, however good this book is ,is just typical Mail reader fodder(and lazy photo editing too )

Sorry Rant over!