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Current Nurse uniforms
« on: April 06, 2017, 12:40:03 AM »
Browsing the net looking at uniforms it is apparent how awful some of them are now.  I look at nurses in my place of work & think how scruffy the uniform looks, doesn't portray professionalism in my view, exception being female nurses in a dress, which again in my view looks smarter on the whole compared with tunic & trousers.  My uniform, a Boyd cooper tunic, is a traditional dentist style, blue with white piping.  Made of thick material & rides up as they are quite short, one left sided pocket.  The color has run into the white piping so always looks dirty to me.  Fellow male nurses always have the collar open as they are restrictive around the neck, this makes them look scruffy.
I'd love to see all return to a traditional style uniform for female nurses, to be used for ceremonies & official gatherings etc only, representing your hospital, to be worn like dress uniform issued to the military.


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Re: Current Nurse uniforms
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 03:13:12 PM »
Today's uniforms are definitely more about practicality,durability and cost rather than appearance.Mass produced they rarely receive the attention from our sewing room ladies that we once knew.However as there are few ceremonial occasions other than the annual nightingale ceremony I can't see a hospital going to the expense of designing one? I do agree that if nurses can't take a pride in their appearance then it does impact on the way they are viewed by the public but as far as l'm concerned though,practicality wins over frilly every time.
At one time many hospitals had their own distinctive uniform,most famously that of the London.I recall reading of a display of dolls each dressed in the uniform of a different hospital but I don' t know if it survived and where it might be.I think the history of nursing uniforms from the 1860s would be a finding read.ON a slightly different tack how many nurses recall wearing the national uniform that was unaffectionally known as the J cloth as I still have some in my loft!


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Re: Current Nurse uniforms
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2017, 10:52:38 AM »
yes I do remember the J cloth with fond affection but I wouldn't go back to it Sorry but trousers and tunics are far more practical. I don't think its the uniform that makes us professional but his/her demeanour No tattoos, tidy and clean appearance, a clean uniform, no nail varnish and a welcoming smile and politeness. White is an impractical colour as it can be really hard to keep pristine
So starched hats, cuffs and frilly frocks please lets keep them in our attics or museums and lets stay practical sorry but that's how I feel