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Re: Globe Trotting Again!
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Oh dear!!

Well, a bit of a cheat I suppose - "M" is for 'Royal Air Force Mildenhall or RAF Mildenhall  is a Royal Air Force station located near Mildenhall in Suffolk, England'. And yes, I know - it was disguised as a USAF base to clutter the plot for seekers! So I will have to give everyone contributing a pass on the one, even if you did not guess!!

But - there is one left - the airport at Chania is a Greek military base (take photographs at your peril if caught!) so maybe if you Google it..... Go on, give it a go.

I suspect that Peter is has the answer already - but a final clue - this base has F16 and is on full alert around the clock....

Game ends with all correct answers!!


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