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Glasgow Royal
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Re: Info posted about RGN and EN training at above hospital

There was no cadet route into the Royal to feed recruitment as entry, in the 1970s, required a minimum of 4 Highers plus 'O' levels for the RGN course and 7 'O' grades for entry to the EN course. The enrolled nurse course of 12 months duration had a required 6 month post enrollment period before the nurse became formally qualified. Many of the nurses who did the 12 month course were older and often had highers but didn't want the committment of 3 years or 4 if doing the degree.
The number of applicants always exceeded places available and there was no need to 'encourage' recruitment. It was hard to obtain a place at the Royal for nursing training.
Hope this information is helpful.
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Re: Glasgow Royal
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Hello Frances,
Many thanks for that. Although the information published says that 'there was no record of' etc, it is good to have the actual situation clarified. That is, that there was no cadet scheme at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. I will amend the record accordingly.

We don't yet have a topic started for that hospital under 'Your School'. Perhaps you could be persuaded..... Whatever, your comments are much appreciated.

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