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Happy New Year...
so  on the 2/1/78 I left a snowy Birmingham heading down the A34, in a Triumph herald heading towards Oxford armed with a copy of the Nurses Aid Series of orthopaedic nursing, the required scissors, flat brown shoes, a fob watch and a lot of trepidation!! Yes 44 years ago I began my nursing career as a student nurse at Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Headington. I am still a practising nurse and will probably still be one on my 50th anniversary if the governments still keep on raising the retirement age ( that'll be this day in2028!!)
What changes I have seen - menisectomies on bed rest for 5 days complete with a Robert- Jones bandage and a wound drain attached to a glass vaccuumed zimmer bottle removed after 24 hours  Patients discharged once they could straight leg raise Now they're in and out as day surgery via arthroscopes.
Now ask me what my passwords and PIN numbers are I really can't remember or if appointment s are written down they tend to get forgotten - yes its an age thing but some memories remain crystal clear


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Re: memories
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And all the very best for 2022 Sue - I will need to gather my thoughts about 'memories' having been computing for most of the day!

I will get back with my ten 'penneth - but have just remembered that our first (log fire) will be going out so will need to fill the bucket...

Will.  :-[
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