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Newsham general hospital
« on: January 29, 2021, 05:41:34 AM »
My name was cathy o'Donnell I started at newsham at 16  as a cadet nurse 1972 ,and started my training 1974 I'm very proud to say one of the last 6 nurses to be newshams own trained they stopped being a training hospital after us i qualified 1976,my mum pat o'Donnell also trained 2 yrs before me she done her training part-time over 3yrs ,it was lovely working on the wards with my mum when  sister smith on I ward dermatology shout nurse o'Donnell we both appeared at her office door ha ha , I went on to marry Mike pilkington (head porter) I have the best memorys of newsham when I tell my kids we had to have our uniforms taken up measured properly in the sewing room we wore capes and our hats had to be spotless and our uniforms were sent to the laundry room and returned to our changing room ,
We had monthly discos in Bessie braddock hall,lovely dinning room we got spoilt, miss kelly (matron) allowed us visit other wards at christmas as long as our patients were looked after which they were ,when I tell others they provided a fresh buffet for day and night staff a tree and alcohol for the staff everyday over christmas local schools going from ward to ward singing Carol's it magic, they respected the staff and showed it ,the nursing care was second to none, not a pressure sore in sight that's what you call real nursing care ,sadly I never saw that level of nursing in any other hospitals I work , I remember when I had my 1st child in oxford street hosp a nurse asked me where I worked I said newsham general she said oh that's where they have servers and waitress service I thought yep they look after us, newsham nurses could lift like dockers but were also warm and very caring the food for the patients was top quality every meal , I was there till they closed its doors in 1988 so sad it was a top QUALITY hospital that run through its staff like Blackpool rock , I am very proud to say I am a newsham generals own ,I wish mobiles were around then to take pictures of the hospital to go with my memorys ,now at 64yrs old  my back hips and knees remind me everyday how hard we worked but it was worth it .


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