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Oops - the price includes postage.

Guaranteed.  If you don't like it I will give you the money back - well, maybe 10%

hi wilf - yes am going to post my cheque tomorrow Thanks for letting her advertise this. Agree it sounds like a great book
Should be a very good addition to our knowledge Edelweiss, and it sounds an excellent buy.  Mine is already on the way, and just in case anyone is wondering I have paid full price!!

Edelweiss has already contributed two articles to our site:-

Collecting Nursing Badges.  The reproduction of a 1992 article on collecting badges by Edelweiss James. Edelweiss is also the author of a finding book about nursing badges.

and:- - all about early buckles and badges.

This latest book has been long awaited.  **I have no hesitation in recommending the book, sight unseen, and I hope that the book is collected by this very able contributor.  I do not think that extending our knowledge of our history is advertising. More well worth obtaining! Thank you Edelweiss....

It has taken a long time, but I have finally published a book which uses nursing and midwifery badges to chart the changes in health care and societal attitudes over the last 150 years. A fruit of lockdown.
It is a hard back book of 170 pages with 177 full size colour photos of nursing and midwifery badges drawn from my collection which has been assembled over the last 40 years.
It also contains a comprehensive bibliography and a selection of certificates and job adverts from the early nursing press.

The price is currently 30 GB Pounds including UK postage (which unfortunately has just increased).

To get a copy, please send a cheque to E M James, 4 Holmwood, The Rise, Brockenhurst SO42 7AF

Wilf Burgess has given his permission to advertise this.
General Discussion / Re: Badge Display Info
« Last post by wilfb on June 06, 2022, 12:37:00 PM »
Hi Myk.

A few seconds!  If all is ok.👌

But there will always be a delay because each upload needs to be checked (eg for bogeys, porn which could be substituted/embedded in a photo/s) so that is a live check.

But usually shortly after receipt depending on when received? We only check once in 24 hours or so?.

Sorry we don?t have full time staff, but the the site is free to users.

General Discussion / Re: Badge Display Info
« Last post by myk1066 on June 06, 2022, 02:54:27 AM »
Thanks for that Will.  Can I ask how long it takes for uploaded badges to come online/displayed?
Thanks again.
General Discussion / Re: Badge Display Info
« Last post by wilfb on June 05, 2022, 12:31:54 PM »
Hi Myk,

Yes, I have noticed.  I suspect that the change is emanating from SimpleMachines, who provide the forun, but there is probably an automatic fix.  I will ask our tech admin to have a look.

Many thanks.


General Discussion / Badge Display Info
« Last post by myk1066 on June 01, 2022, 11:01:16 AM »
Can I as people viewing my badges have you noticed a kind of typo where I have the ?Myk1066 it is now appearing as ¬©Myk1066 on all of my pictures except the few I?vechanged!  Not sure what is going on!
General Discussion / Harlow schools of nursing
« Last post by savill on May 13, 2022, 05:25:04 PM »
Did anyone  train at any of this group's hospital s
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